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10 Proven Strategies for Online Tutors to Get More Bookings on Tootor

Updated: Mar 13, 2023

As a new tutor on our platform, you may have all the skills and knowledge to help students succeed, but it can be challenging to attract students and get bookings at first. However, it's not just new tutors who may be looking to increase their bookings and attract more students. There may also be tutors on Tootor who need to gain their volunteer hours to meet high school graduation requirements or complete post-secondary credits, and are eager to make a positive impact on the lives of students. This blog post is for all tutors who are looking to increase their visibility on our platform and start helping more students achieve their academic goals. We'll be sharing some tips and strategies to help you get more bookings from students.

How to Get More Bookings and Attract Students on Tootor

1. Optimize Your Profile

Your tutor profile is the first impression that students will have of you, so it's important to make it as attractive and professional as possible. Make sure that your profile picture is clear and high-quality, and that your bio accurately reflects your skills and experience. Be sure to use relevant keywords in your profile description that students might search for, such as "math tutor", “grade 11 biology”, or "OSSLT prep". To make changes to your profile as it appears on our tutors page, you can either send us an email or fill out our contact form.

2. Introduce Yourself in Our Community Forums

Tootor’s community forums are a great way to connect with potential students and parents. Introducing yourself in the forums and sharing your area of expertise can help you attract new students who are looking for a tutor with your specific skillset. In your introduction, be sure to include information about how you can help students with their academic goals. For example, if you're a math tutor, you might mention that you specialize in algebra and calculus and that you can help students prepare for exams.

3. Actively Participate in Our Community Forums

Active participation in our community forums can help you gain more bookings and build a positive reputation on our platform. By engaging with students and parents, you'll have the opportunity to showcase your expertise, share helpful resources, and establish yourself as a knowledgeable and supportive tutor. Responding to students' questions and helping them with their homework in the forums, for example, can demonstrate your commitment to their success and encourage them to book tutoring sessions with you.

4. Be Available During Peak Hours

As a tutor on our platform, being available during peak hours can significantly increase the number of bookings you receive. We understand that you may have other commitments and are not always available to tutor, but if possible, adjusting your schedule or availability to allow bookings during peak hours can help you reach more students who need academic support. Peak hours typically occur after school hours, so being available during these times can help you attract students who are seeking assistance with homework or exam preparation.

5. Build a Positive Reputation

Building a positive reputation is key to growing the number of bookings you get. This means being committed to providing high-quality tutoring services, being responsive to your students' needs, and maintaining a professional and respectful demeanor at all times. It also means following Tootor's guidelines for tutors and the tutor code of conduct, and being proactive in managing your schedule to avoid session cancellations. By consistently demonstrating your expertise and commitment to your students' success, you'll establish a positive reputation on our platform and become a go-to tutor for students seeking academic support.

6. Maintain a Good Work Ethic

Maintaining a good work ethic is essential for gaining and retaining the trust of your students, and for increasing your bookings on our platform. This means being dedicated to your work as a tutor, demonstrating a strong work ethic, and conducting yourself in a professional manner at all times. It also means being well-prepared for each session, managing your bookings effectively as well as the time allocated for each session, and staying up-to-date on the latest teaching strategies and techniques. By demonstrating a commitment to quality and professionalism, you can build a positive reputation on our platform and attract more students.

7. Be Reliable

Being reliable is essential for gaining and maintaining the trust of your students, and ultimately, increasing your bookings. This means showing up to sessions on time, being prepared and organized, responding to inquiries in a timely manner, and following through on your commitments. If a student feels that they can depend on you, they are more likely to book additional sessions with you and recommend you to others. By demonstrating your reliability, you'll establish a positive reputation on our platform and attract more students and bookings.

8. Provide Excellent Service

The best way to get more bookings is to provide excellent service to your current students. This means going above and beyond to ensure that your students receive the support they need to achieve their academic goals. Make sure to make each session interactive, be patient and understanding, communicate clearly, and tailor your teaching to the student's needs. If a student is struggling with a particular concept, be sure to take the time to address their concerns and provide additional support.

9. Ask for Referrals

Positive referrals from satisfied students and parents can be a powerful way to attract new students and increase your bookings. Encourage your students or their parents to recommend you to other students and parents in our community forums under the Tutor Recommendations subcategory, and ask them to refer their friends, classmates, and other parents to you if they are happy with your services.

10. Create an Inclusive and Safe Learning Space

Creating an inclusive and safe learning space is essential for building trust with your students and encouraging them to book more sessions with you. As a tutor, it's important to create an environment where all students feel welcome and valued, regardless of their background or learning style. You can do this by actively listening to your students' needs, providing positive feedback, and being respectful of their cultural and personal identities. It's also important to create a safe space where students feel comfortable sharing their thoughts and ideas without fear of judgment.

How can Tootor Help You Get More Bookings With Students?

At Tootor, we're continually expanding our tutoring services to reach more students and ongoingly promoting our website to attract new subscribers. As a tutor on our platform, you'll have access to a large and growing pool of potential students, giving you the opportunity to increase your bookings and support more students. Additionally, we may assign available tutors to students in need of a substitute tutor if the initially booked tutor is no longer available. This helps ensure that students receive the support they need and provides additional opportunities for our tutors to gain bookings.


Gaining more bookings as a tutor on Tootor is achievable with the right strategies and mindset. By optimizing your tutor profile, promoting yourself in our community forums, maintaining a good reputation and work ethic, providing excellent tutoring sessions, being available during peak hours, encouraging referrals, and creating an inclusive and safe learning environment, you can attract more students. We hope that this blog post has provided you with valuable insights and tools to help you receive more bookings from students and become a more successful tutor on our platform.

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