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Three Tips for Tutors to Enhance Tutoring Sessions

Tutors can profoundly impact their students' academic journey and success. They can instill a sense of curiosity within their students and further encourage them to explore the world around them and maximize their learning experience. If you are a tutor looking to enhance your students' study sessions, here are some helpful tips!

  1. Use and relate to real-life examples: Certain topics can be complex for students to understand, so it can be beneficial to use real-world examples so that students can apply and relate their knowledge. For example, if you are explaining the predator versus prey relationship, consider adding various examples of predator and prey relationships in the real world. This way, a student can easily relate the example to the concept.

  2. Visual Aids: Using visual aids like photos, diagrams, and charts can help with student understanding. Trying to memorize a step-by-step pathway or cycle can be difficult, and having a visual aid to visualize the information can make it much easier to understand and remember. For example, learning about glycolysis with a well-thought-out visual aid incorporating different colours, fonts, and bolding for important information can make the content easier to digest and remember.

  3. Understanding and Encouragement: Some subjects can be very difficult for students. Be patient with them and express that it is entirely okay if students require more explanations and time to understand a particular concept. Encourage your students to ask questions if they need more clarification or if they would like you to explain something differently. Provide them with plenty of encouragement to increase their confidence and acknowledge their efforts. This will foster a sense of curiosity, which is essential as it will help them become lifelong learners.

Here are the top three tips for enhancing your students' tutoring sessions. There is so much one can do to improve their student's learning experience, but these three tips are efficient once put to use. Remind your students that everyone is different and might require an alternate explanation or method to learn the information thoroughly. Throughout the session, make sure to ask your students thought-provoking questions, but also let them know that the floor is always open for their questions. Importantly, if you don't know the answer to their question, let them know you will get back to them! Incorporating these tips into your study sessions will help increase your students' curiosity and willingness to learn.

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