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The Importance of Cultivating Resilience

As the new school year begins, this week's blog post will focus on cultivating resilience. During the school year, it is likely that you will be navigating both academic pressures and social dynamics which makes it all the more important to begin cultivating resilience. So, what is resilience? Resilience put simply is the ability to adapt to changes and overcome setbacks. In this blog post, we'll introduce three ways in which you can cultivate resilience in your life.

  1. Developing a Positive Mindset- While it can be easier said than done, it most certainly is possible; it just requires some effort and practice! Developing a positive mindset will help you overcome challenges more easily whether it be academic challenges or any other challenges you might be facing. By developing a positive mindset, you will make it easier for yourself to overcome issues you might be facing and it can help bring you all the more closer to your academic goals and student success. A helpful tip: Jot down any negative thoughts you may have during the day so you become aware of those thoughts. Later, go through the list and replace all those with a corresponding positive thought. Next time you catch yourself thinking a negative thought, quickly replace it with a positive thought. As you do this, you will begin to notice a shift in your mindset and attitude for the better.

  2. Learn to Problem Solve- If an issue occurs whether it be at school, work, or your personal life, try putting your energy to find ways in which you can dissolve those issues rather than dwelling on them. You can always write down your thoughts, which will help bring mental clarity or you can ask for someone to help you- it could be a teacher, mentor, friend, or anyone else you can trust.

  3. Take care of yourself- Try to schedule in self care. It can be hard to prioritize the things you enjoy amidst school work and other deadlines and responsibilities, but taking care of yourself will only help you for the better and give you the motivation to keep going! Make some time to do the things you enjoy and spend time with those you like. Getting enough sleep, exercising, or doing anything that brings you enjoyment are all a part of self-care and will help you develop resilience.

Resilience is a great skill to cultivate as it will allow you to overcome a host of obstacles and will serve you well through out school and beyond. Everyone experiences some sort of setback or "failure" in life, but what's important is our ability to overcome that and continue on. Don't be afraid of any obstacles or challenges that arise, instead use those as opportunities to learn from, which will help you carve out your path to success.

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