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How Volunteering Can Help Students

Volunteering is a great way to meet new people and give back to your community.  Many high school students are required to complete volunteer hours.  It can be helpful to look at volunteering as an opportunity to learn and grow.  Trying new activities can help students learn new skills, develop and explore their interests, and gain valuable experience that can help them achieve educational and employment success.

Here are 4 benefits of volunteering:


It can be incredibly rewarding to make a difference in your community.  You might feel a sense of accomplishment and that you are contributing to society.  You can also find an opportunity for a cause that you are interested in and passionate about which can help provide a lot of motivation.



You are able to meet new people.  You can connect with other people who might be passionate about similar issues.  This can help build connections.



When applying to colleges and universities, they might ask you about what activities you are involved in outside of school.  Having volunteer experience can help show the initiative and drive that they are looking for in their students.  It can also show that you are trying to help others.



A lot of jobs ask for experience.  However, it is hard to get experience without having a job.  While volunteer roles can also be competitive, it can be helpful to find a position that can help develop skills.

There are many volunteer roles for both younger and older students. You can also try to think outside the box when looking for volunteer opportunities. What would you like to learn? What are you passionate about? Where have you looked for volunteer opportunities? Let us know by adding a comment or visiting us on social media.

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